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X-Tool - Reusable Silicone TOOL KIT

X-Tool - Reusable Silicone TOOL KIT

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  • What You Get:Teexpert silicone resin tool kit has 1x 600ml Silicone Cups,2 X250ml Silicone Cups,2X100ml Silicone Cups,3XSilicone Stirring Rods,4X10ml Silicone Dispensing Cups,5 X Gloves,5 X Transfer Pipettes,1 X Silicone Brushes,1 X Silicone Mat 40X30cm,1 X Silicone Needle,1 X Silicone Spoon,Includes a variety of tools, A nice combination for you to use, easily meet your different needs.One-time purchase, saving your money and reduce waste
  • High Quality Silicon Material: All our measuring cups and stirring rods are made of silicone material, which is durable, so you don't have to worry about damaging or deforming the cups when cleaning. Also, we use harder stirring rods so that they won't bend during mixing and can be fully stirred
  • Easy To Clean: Non-stick,flexible,smooth surface, easy to clean-just allow materials to dry and then peel off. And also they can be reused. They are more convenient than traditional plastic cups and wooden stirring sticks.The 30X40cm silicone mat can protect your desk from getting dirty,5 pairs gloves will protect your hands clean while doing resin crafts
  • Prevent Spillage & Angled Diversion Port:Silicone resin mixing cups with angled diversion port design makes the pouring easier and more accurate, mixing cups for epoxy resin also prevents the liquid from remaining on the outer wall of the cup and keeps it clean. Say goodbye to make a mess from pouring, no longer need to keep buying silicone mixing cups for resin tools
  • Clear Precise Scale: Our silicone cups are added with clear markings so you can really see them even if you add different colors to the measuring cups.And Resin mixing cups and transfer pipettes all have precise scale outside, measuring lines are easy to see and measurements are accurate, which makes you feel easy to read during mixing and measure correctly the proportional amount of resin
    Silicone Resin Measuring Cups Tool Kit

    Teexpert silicone measuring cups tool kit is a great choice for resin beginners and experienced. It can be used for a long time after one purchase. Perfect for personal use or as a gift for friends.

    Silicone Resin Measuring Cups Tool Kit
    Silicone Resin Measuring Cups Tool Kit
    Silicone Resin Measuring Cups Tool Kit

    Silicone Measuring Cups

    The silicone measuring cup consists of three types: 600ml, 250ml, and 100ml can meet your needs for mixing epoxy resins with different capacities. The raw material is made of safe and non-toxic silicone, which is flexible and durable, smooth and non stick. The angled diversion port design makes it easier and more accurate to pour liquid, ensuring that the liquid does not stick to the cup and keeping cup clean.

    Silicone Resin Measuring Cups Tool Kit


    The 30 * 40cm silicone mat can protect your desk from getting dirty, the transfer pipettes can easily transfer the liquid, and 3pcs stir sticks and 1pcs stir spoons can easily stir, and non-stick. There are also gloves that can protect your fingers during work. The 10ML Epoxy Resin Cups, which can be used for small volume mixing liquid.

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