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Teexpert Easy Coat Resin- Top Coating Epoxy Resin- 48OZ 2:1 Mix Ratio

Teexpert Easy Coat Resin- Top Coating Epoxy Resin- 48OZ 2:1 Mix Ratio

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    • Introducing the Easy Coat Resin, an upgraded solution combining the best features of Table Top resin and Art Epoxy. It is the ultimate choice for top coating like table tops, coasters, woodboards, and sealing paintings, pictures, and more.
  • Key Features:

    194℉ super heat resistant: Our epoxy coating outperforms others in high heat resistance, enduring temperatures up to 194℉ without dents.  Once fully cured, it achieves an impressive surface hardness of 85 D+. Top pick for heat-resistant coating resins!

    High Glossy Finish: Say goodbye to dull surfaces! The Easy Coat top coating epoxy resin creates a stunning glossy finish that enhances the natural beauty of your items, providing a crystal-clear look.

    Self-Leveling: No more worries about uneven surfaces. The Easy Coat epoxy resin effortlessly spreads and levels itself, resisting impacts and wear. You can achieve a smooth and flawless finish always.

    No VOCs, Low Odor: Our epoxy resin is formulated with no volatile organic compounds, making it safe for various projects, including those involving food contact, such as kitchen table tops. Additionally, it has a low odor, ensuring a comfortable working environment.

    Easy to Use - 2:1 Mix Ratio: The Easy Coat resin is beginner-friendly. Simply mix the resin and hardener in a volume ratio of 2:1. Stir the mixture slowly and thoroughly in one direction for 3-5 minutes until no swirls are visible. It's quick and hassle-free.

    Perfect for Various Surfaces: Teexpert's Easy Coat epoxy resin is designed for top coating applications, making it suitable for table tops, bar tops, wood, surfboards, and sealing pictures and paintings. Whatever your project may be, our easy coat resin is the perfect choice.

    Please Note: When Resin crafting, it is important to wear gloves and ensure proper ventilation in the room. 

  • The working time is approximately 30 minutes, and the initial cure time is 8-10 hours at room temperature (70-80°F).
  • We recommend practicing with a test piece before working on larger objects or surfaces to achieve the desired results.COAT RESINCOAT RESINCOAT RESIN
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