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Teexpert Resin

Teexpert Classic Epoxy Resin - 64OZ casting and coating resin

Teexpert Classic Epoxy Resin - 64OZ casting and coating resin

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Compatible Material Wood, Metal
Brand Teexpert
Package Information Can
Item Volume 64 Fluid Ounces
Item Package Quantity 1

About this item

  • 【1:1 Ratio By Volume & Self leveling】Mixing is simple with a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener,and self leveling save a lot of time,beginners as well as experienced artists can achieve satisfactory results with this easy-to-use and self leveling resin epoxy.
  • 【Crystal Clear & Bubble free】Teexpert epoxy resin are crystal clear formula that many customers are very satisfied,and must ensure thoroughly stirring to be no swirls and crystal clear,No bubble if stir evenly and slowly.Teexpert craft resin offers non-yellowing protection. Its advanced stabilization additives provide superior, long-term clarity.
  • 【Safe & Wide use】Teexpert epoxy resin kit are non-toxic, odorless, no vocs, and non-flammable characteristics,which promotes peace of mind when it’s used by beginners craftmans or artists.Teexpert art resin is versatile and you can use it to Jewelry tumblers Wood metal steel artwork drawing canvas paintings woodworking, you also can make Jewelry earrings coasters trays tumblers keychains and so on.
  • 【Hard as Rock & 8 hours Fast Curing】Teexpert resin epoxy are also very quick to cure,it can 2 hours solidification,8 hours cure and within 24 hours demold.Then the finished product is hard as rock,which Hardness can reach 90 HV+.What more,our crystal clear epoxy resin kit are resistant to scratches, water after curling
  • 【100% satisfactory service】Teexpert brand has served more than 10 million customers world-wide,and our production machine is the largest resin machine in the world, you can trust the power of Teexpert.We will provide you with 100% satisfactory service,for any reason you are not 100% happy with the epoxy resin, please feel free to Contact Us. We will respond to you within 24 hours and assist you with a refund at no additional cost. Teexpert,enjoy creation and enjoy life.



    1. The biggest culprit is usually off-ratio measuring, it’s important to measure the resin and hardener 1:1 ratio.


    2. Stirring around and around, purposefully, as well as from side to side. Scrape the walls and the bottom of the cup a couple of times during mixing to release unmixed resin too. Then stir that through as well!


    3. Epoxy Resin hates moisture, so working in very humid conditions or adding things to the epoxy resin that contain moisture will stop the resin from curing properly.


    4. When you’re coloring epoxy resin with dyes and pigments, add no more than 10% of the total resin volume. The less you add, the better.


    5. It’s best to stick with dyes and pigments that are designed specifically for resin, but some pigments or dyes that aren’t designed for resin will prevent the resin from curing properly.


    1. Stir slowly in one direction to avoid bubbles, which are very easy to produce if you stir too fast.


    2. Put the mixed resin and hardener into hot water at about 60 degrees to accelerate the bubbles coming out.


    3. Use the heating coaster (around 60 degrees) to accelerate the bubbles out, which is very convenient to operate.


    4. Use a lighter or heat gun to heat the resin surface to eliminate air bubbles.


    5. If you're using silicone molds you can warm the mold in the oven before pouring the resin in it. Take the mold out of the oven, let it air for a few seconds, and then pour the resin in. The warmth of the mold will get rid of the bubbles in the resin.

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