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Teexpert 3X UV-Resist Epoxy Resin - 68oz-anti-yellowing clear resin

Teexpert 3X UV-Resist Epoxy Resin - 68oz-anti-yellowing clear resin

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  • 💎 Safe for Indoor Use: Our Teexpert crystal clear epoxy resin is safe to use indoors with its low odor formula. It's non-toxic when fully cured, contains no VOCs, BPA, or fumes, and is non-flammable and UV resistant. We do recommend wearing gloves while handling the liquid epoxy resin directly.
     Crystal Clear Finish: Our epoxy resin and hardener create a stunningly clear and shiny resin art piece. Its high gloss finish is perfect for coating and casting, making it an ideal choice for DIY crafts and artwork.
    🧪 Beginner-Friendly Formula: Our fast-set epoxy resin is ideal for both beginners and experienced artists. The resin and hardener are easily mixed in a 1:1 ratio by volume, and the self-leveling and self-defoaming properties help prevent air bubbles. Demolding takes 8-10 hours, and full curing is achieved in 24 hours.
    💪 Built to Last: Our durable clear cast epoxy resin is heat resistant up to 212°F, hard as a rock, water resistant, scratch resistant, and yellowing resistant. It's sure to protect your precious creations for years to come.
    🎨 Unlock Your Creativity: This versatile resin craft kit is perfect for a wide range of projects, including jewelry making, coasters, flower preservation, trays, earrings, wood table casting, and coating. Please note that our resin is not currently recommended for making tumblers due to potential fish-eye defects. We are actively testing a new formula specifically designed for tumblers, so stay tuned for updates.
    epoxy resin kit

    Crystal clear & High gloss

    epoxy resin kit

    Crystal clear

    When stir epoxy resin slowly or use a heat gun, it has almost no air bubbles,resin art come out crystal clear.

    epoxy resin kit

    High gloss

    Teexpert art resin is low odor,high gloss finish, when cured, art projects such as wood coating or table top can look very shiny.

    Self leveling & Bubble free

    epoxy resin kit

    Self leveling

    This epoxy resin has excellent self-leveling ability, which makes it easy to use for molds, river tables, or deep pours.

    epoxy resin kit

    Bubble free

    The bubbles are also easy to get rid of, with almost 100% elimination possible by gently stirring and applying heat from a heat gun.

    epoxy resin kit

    3X Yellowing Resistance

    For better prevent the resin from turning yellow, we added three times the HALS light stabilizer and UV stabilizer and BHT compared with ordinary epoxy resin kit. We compared it with many products on the market, the resistance to yellowing of this product is the best.

    Safe to use

    epoxy resin kit
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