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Teexpert Resin

Teexpert All-in-one Epoxy Resin Kit -- 4 Coaster Molds with Marine Style Pigments

Teexpert All-in-one Epoxy Resin Kit -- 4 Coaster Molds with Marine Style Pigments

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  •  💎【Multiple Coaster Molds】: This kit includes four coaster molds in different shapes, allowing you to create a variety of coaster designs. Each mold has a unique shape, offering you more possibilities for your creations.
  • 💎【Ocean Wave Style Pigments: The kit comes with pigments specifically designed for creating ocean wave-style resin crafts. These pigments help you easily achieve realistic wave effects, adding a touch of the ocean to your coaster creations.
  • 💎【All-in-One Resin Kit: This all-in-one resin kit provides you with all the accessories needed to complete your resin crafting. From mixing tools to measuring cups, everything you need is included in the kit, making your resin crafting journey convenient and hassle-free.
  • 💎【Crystal Clear Resin: The kit uses 16oz of crystal clear resin. This high-quality resin ensures that your coaster creations have a stunning clarity and glossy finish, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your finished pieces.
  • 💎【Perfect Gift Option: This kit is surely an excellent choice for gifting. With this kit, the recipient can enjoy the pleasure of resin crafting right away. Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, this coaster set makes a thoughtful and creative gift option.epoxy resin kit

    ✔ Safe Materials — non toxic, no vocs, BPA free, safer choice

    ✔ All-in-one set — Teexpert epoxy resin kit contains resin, silicone molds, mica powder, resin pigment, stirrinsg sticks, measuring cup, gloves, gold foil and anything else you need. One-stop-shop, more convenient choice

    ✔ Professional Package & Shipment — Anti-extrusion material made bottles, more professional choice

    ✔ Reliable Customer Care — Fast response and multi-channel accessibility, more reliable choice

    ✔ Creation Ideas — Continuously creativity idea sharing in different platforms, more interesting choice

    ✔ Create a "stage" for you - Provide you with opportunities to exchange experiences and showcase your works, more valuable choice

    ✔ Popular Recommendation & LAB Test: The Teexpert brand has served more than 10 million resin lovers and has been recommended by many bloggers. Artisan-approved and LAB test quality, more assured choice


    Teexpert was established in 2015 and has its own R&D and manufacturing team. In the past 7 years, Teexpert has been committed to providing customers with high-quality resin and quality services.

    Whether you are a novice trying epoxy resin for the first time or an artist who often creates, Teexpert will always be your best choice.

    Choose Teexpert, enjoy art and life with family and friends.

    Teexpert Silicone Coasters Molds with Epoxy Resin kit

    • √ Fast Cure Epoxy Resin Kit: When used correctly, the surface layer can be cured in 2 h, basically cured in 4-8 h, and can be demolded in 12 h or more
    • √ Reusable Silicone Coasters Molds Kit: Using the latest Japanese anti-tear technology, our mold has better toughness, easy demoulding, and can be used repeatedly.
    • √ Super High Gloss & Clear Art Resin: Our casting resin is fully resistant to yellowing, your resin crafts will remain clear all the time
    • √ Durable and Long-Lasting: Heat resistant up to 203°F, which allows you to create rock-solid masterpieces with unparalleled clarity
    • √ Multi-purpose and fits for all people: Suitable for beginners and artists, mainly use for coaster, also can be used for DIY resin art, jewelry making, crystal clear coating, casting and the others. epoxy resin kit with molds


      • 16 fl.oz Clear Epoxy Resin Kit
      • Resin Pigments*6
      • Mica Powder*3
      • Silicone Coasters molds*4
      • Silicone Sticks & Mixing Sticks*6
      • Measuring Cups 30ml*2
      • Disposable Mixing Cups*10
      • Gilding Flakes
      • Disposable Gloves*10
      • Droppers*6 & Tweezers


      • Non-Toxic, No Vocs, BPA Free
      • Low Odor, can be used indoor
      • Fast Cure & Easy demoulding
      • UV Protection, no yellowing
      • Self-defoaming, Self-Leveling, Self Degassing
      • Tear-Resistant silicone coasters molds
      • Crystal Clear & High Glossepoxy resin kitart resin
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