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Teexpert Resin

Teexpert Deep Pour Epoxy Resin - 51oz - 2:1 Mix ratio deep casting resin

Teexpert Deep Pour Epoxy Resin - 51oz - 2:1 Mix ratio deep casting resin

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  • 【POUR DEPTH UP TO 4 INCH】Teexpert 2:1 Mix Deep Pour Resin is specially researched and developed for any deep pouring projects, such as river tables, wedding flower ornaments, candle holders, lamps, coasters, jewelry and Christmas decoration etc. Upgrade extra deep pour resin formulation that can be poured 2-4 inches at a time without the worry of having to pour resin repeatedly due to thickness limitations.
  • 【Self Leveling & Self-Defoaming】Our crystal clear deep pour epoxy resin is specially formulated forartistss, self-leveling. 3X Self-defoaming formula. Let stand for 3-5 minutes before pouring into the mold. After pouring, tap the edges of the mold and the bubbles will overflow and burst. All in all, choose our 2:1 epoxy and you will not have any worries about bubbles, as our exclusive 3X-defoaming technology will make the bubbles eventually disappear.
  • 【UV Protection & Hardness 85D】Most epoxy resin will turn yellow in a short amount of time under UV light. Teexpert crystal clear epoxy is highly resistant to any chemical, heat, water & sun. It will last a long time without yellowing. After curing, our 2:1 resin is much harder than the 1:1 epoxy and the hardness index can reach above 85D! More stable and more scratch-resistant.
  • 【Safe & Easy To Use】Safe to use, no-odor, non-Toxic when fully cured, no VOCs, No BPA, No Fumes, Non-Flammable, UV resistant. Easy to use. Just prepare resin and hardener by volume as 2:1( not by weight), pour the A and B into the cup, stir the mixed liquid with sticks slowly for about 3-5 minutes until the liquid is no swirls and crystal clear, pour the clear liquid into the mold and wait 48-72 hours to fully cure to get high gloss and bubble-free resin artwork.
  • 【Easy to Integrate Color & 100% Guarantee】Teexpert deep pour resin mixes flawlessly with epoxy resin color Pigments, mica powders, mica pigment, resin pigment, and alcohol ink, like black diamond pigments & creates a superb colored epoxy for wood! If you do not like our clear epoxy kit, request a full refund.
    TEEXPERT Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

    Teexpert Pro Clear Deep Pour Epoxy Resin- 2:1 Mix



    • Especially suitable for deep pouring projects up to 2-4 inches thickness, such as River Table, Wood Filler, Countertop, Pyramid, Ashtray, Wave tray, Coaster, Vase, etc.




    • Mixing Ratio: 2:1 Ratio By Volume
    • Mixing Time: 5-15 Mins
    • Work Time: Up to 60 Mins
    • Cure Time: 24-48 Hours
    • Next Layer Of Coverage: 6-12 Hours Apart
    • Heat resistant: Up to 203 °F
    • Fully Cured: 3-7 Days
    • Application Thickness: 2 inches, up to 4 inches
    • Operating Temperature: 70-80°F


    Deep Pour Epoxy Resin




    • Pre: 2:1 Mix ratio. Please make sure to mix according to 2:1 volume ratio;
    • Fully mixed: Upon mixing, be sure to scrape sides and bottom of mixing container to ensure all resin and hardener are fully blended. Failing to do so can result in soft spots in coating;
    • Pouring: NEVER scrape or brush the sides or bottom of the container you just mixed. There will always be an unmixed portion which can be dislodged and will leave a wet or sticky spot on your coating;
    • Remove Air Bubbles: The best tool for removing air bubbles is a small torch, hold the flame about 6 to 10 inches from the table top, and use an ironing motion to sweep quickly across the surface;
    • Temperature: Please ensure that the operating temperature is 70°F-80°F;
    • Wait for curing: It will takes about 12-24 hours to dry to the touch. Best cure after 3-7 days.


    2. NOTE:


    • Not for tumblers craft;
    • Resin is extremely difficult to remove from clothing, carpets and other porous materials. Use in work environments, not kitchen tables, countertops, or carpeted areas;
    • Cleaning can be done with rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, acetone, or other mild solvents.
    • Unopened products are best used within 1 YEAR.


    Deep Pour Epoxy Resin 50oz
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