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Teexpert Resin

Teexpert Fast Curing Epoxy Resin - 1 gallon casting and coating resin

Teexpert Fast Curing Epoxy Resin - 1 gallon casting and coating resin

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  • 4Hours Demold & Fast Curing:Teexpert has its own R&D and manufacturing team.We are continuing to improve our existing formulas,so we released 4 Hours demold fast curing epoxy resin, it can cure in just 8 to 10 hours based on room temperatures , which can have an amazing experience when working with our products
  • Crystal Clear & Low Odor :Create without the long wait time using our 1 Gallon Fast Curing Epoxy Resin Kit. Our premium-grade fast-curing epoxy resin cures to a crystal clear, high-gloss finish with Low odor. Ideal for small arts, crafts, and as a top coat for any project
  • Easy To Use:Our 1:1 ratio by volume makes it easy to mix one resin part and one hardener part into a mixing cup. Stir for 3-4 minutes at 72-85°F (warm up bottles and workspace if temperature is lower). Our 8-10 hour cure time supports your design and artistic needs
  • Heat Resistant & Non Yellowing:Our fast curing epoxy resin offers water, scratch and UV resistance that won’t fade or discolor over time.Once full cured, can withstand high temperatures of up to 212℉,ideal for coasters or any project that will have contact with heated objects
  • Trusted Quality & Customer Support: Our 2-part epoxy resin is non-toxic, non-flammable, and VOC-free, making it safe to use. We strive to provide the best products and service to our customers. If you're not fully satisfied with our epoxy resin, please contact us, and we'll respond within 24 hours

    Teexpert Fast Curing Epoxy Resin

    fast curing epoxy resin

    Do you want your artwork completed quickly? Introducing Teexpert Fast Curing Epoxy Resin, Only 4 hours demolding and 8-10 hours to full curing.

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    epoxy resin
    epoxy resin
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    epoxy resin

    Why fast curing epoxy resin is thicker than conventional epoxy resin

    1. Fast curing epoxy resin contains additives or catalysts that accelerate thel reaction between the resin and hardener. This accelerated reaction leads to a quicker curing time but also results in a thicker consistency.

    2.Fast curing epoxy resin generates more heat during the curing process compared to conventional epoxy resin. This heat can cause the resin to thicken as it cures at an accelerated rate.

    3. Due to its fast curing nature, fast curing epoxy resin has a shorter working time before it begins to harden. To compensate for this limited working time, the resin is formulated to be thicker, providing better control during application.

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