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Teexpert Resin

Teexpert All-in-one Epoxy Resin Kit -- 4 Coaster Molds with Marine Style Pigments

Teexpert All-in-one Epoxy Resin Kit -- 4 Coaster Molds with Marine Style Pigments

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  • EPOXY RESIN KIT FOR BEGINNERS: Everything you need is all in the package. Teexpert epoxy resin starters kit includes a 16oz epoxy resin kit, Resin Coasters Molds x 4, Resin Pigments x 6, Mica Powder x 3, Gold Flakes x 1, Tweezers x 1, Mixing Sticks x 6, Measuring Cups x 2.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR & EASY TO USE: Teexpert epoxy resin kit applies the perfect formula, which is Self-Leveling, Self-Degassing, High Gloss, Anti-Yellowing, and Anti-Scratch functions. Easy to use. Mix 1:1 ratio by volume, stir slowly for 3-5 minutes, just ensure thoroughly stirring to be no swirls and crystal clear. The projects after curing will have a beautiful transparent finish and be hard as a rock.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: Teexpert easy clear cast resin epoxy pour kit is ideal for all casting, coating, and art projects including cutting boards, coasters, countertops, bartop, resin art, resin jewelry, coating artwork and acrylic pour paintings, deep pour, molds, river tables, earrings, ashtray, etc. Teexpert epoxy resin offers Anti-yellowing protection. Its advanced stabilization additives provide superior, long-term clarity.
  • SAFE & ODORLESS: Teexpert resin epoxy for beginner kit is safe to use indoors, Non-Odor, Non-Toxic when fully cured, No VOCs, No BPA, No Fumes, Non-Flammable, and UV resistant. To remove any bubbles, use an artist's torch, heat gun, toothpick, or straw. The best curing temperature of resin is about 70 °F – 80 °F.



  • ✔ Safe Materials — non toxic, no vocs, BPA free, safer choice
  • ✔ Include All You Need— Teexpert epoxy resin kit contains resin, silicone molds, mica powder, resin pigment, stirrinsg sticks, measuring cup, gloves, gold foil. One-stop-shop, more convenient choice
  • ✔ Professional Package & Shipment — Anti-extrusion material made bottles, more professional choice
  • ✔ Customer Care — Fast response and multi-channel accessibility, more reliable choice
  • ✔ Creation Ideas — Continuously creativity idea sharing in different platforms, more interesting choice
  • ✔ Create a "stage" for you - Provide you with opportunities to exchange experiences and showcase your works, more valuable choice
  • ✔ Popular Recommendation & LAB Test: The Teexpert brand has served more than 10 million resin lovers and has been recommended by many bloggers. Artisan-approved and LAB test quality, more assured choice




resin coasters


  • 16 fl.oz/474ml Epoxy Resin Kit
  • Silicone Coasters molds*4
  • Resin Pigments*6
  • Mica Powder*3
  • Measuring Cups 30ml*2
  • Mixing Sticks*6
  • Gilding Flakes*1
  • Tweezers*1


  • Non-Toxic, No Vocs, BPA Free
  • LOW Odor, it can be used indoor
  • Fast Cure & Hard as Rock
  • Resistant to Yellowing, Long Storage Time
  • Self-defoaming, Self-Leveling, Self Degassing
  • Heat resistant 203 °F
  • Crystal Clear & Super High Gloss


Teexpert was established in 2015 and has its own R&D and manufacturing team. In the past 7 years, Teexpert has been committed to providing customers with high-quality resin and services.

Whether you are a novice trying epoxy resin for the first time or an artist who often creates, Teexpert will always be your best choice.

Choose Teexpert, enjoy art and life with family and friends.


  • Fast Cure Epoxy Resin Kit: When used correctly, the surface layer can be cured in 2 h, basically cured in 4-8 h, and can be demolded in 12 h or more
  • Reusable Silicone Resin Molds Kit: Using the latest Japanese anti-tear technology, our mold has better toughness, easy demoulding, and can be used repeatedly.
  • Super High Gloss & Clear Art Resin: Our casting resin is easy to self leveling and fully resistant to yellowing,which will remain clear all the time
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Heat resistant up to 203°F, Using the latest japanese technology allows you to create rock-solid masterpieces with unparalleled clarity
  • Multi-purpose and fits for all people: Suitable for beginners and artists, mainly use for coaster, also can be used for DIY resin art, jewelry making, crystal clear coating, casting and the others

epoxy resin kit
resin molds
epoxy resin kit

Common Problem & Solution for Resin Art:




(1.)Add too much epoxy pigment or mica powder.

(2.)The temperature is too low or the relative humidity is too high. (The optimum operating temperature is 70°F-80°F)

(3.)Resin A and Hardener B were not mixed in a 1:1 volume ratio




Soak the resin and hardener separately into warm water before mixing them.

Stir slowly and in one direction, Stirring too fast may easily cause air bubbles, Please Stir slowly and in one direction

When making epoxy resin, the larger the volume, the faster the curing time. You can use a hot air gun to eliminate air bubbles.

The optimum operating temperature is 77°F/25°C , If the temperature is too high, the resin will be cured faster, and the self-defoaming time will be shortened, leading to bubble problems, This product has an upgraded formula, which can effectively avoid bubble problems.





It is recommended to operate in an environment of 70°F-80°F. When it’s too cold, it's thicker and sets slower. Epoxy resin may become too viscous to properly release air and self level.

When it's too warm, it's thinner and sets faster. Epoxy resin may set too quickly and become too hot, which could cause it to yellow, distort or crack. The self-defoaming ability becomes weak, causing bubble problems.

Clear Epoxy Resin Set Suitable for Making Resin Coasters, Earrings, Pendants, Keychains, Trays, etc.

epoxy resin

Clear Epoxy Resin Operation Guide

 Mix ratio 1:1: Please make sure to mix according to 1:1 volume ratio

 Fully mixed: Upon mixing, be sure to scrape sides and bottom of mixing container to ensure all resin and hardener are fully blended. Failing to do so can result in soft spots in coating

 Pouring: NEVER scrape or brush the sides or bottom of the container you just mixed. There will always be an unmixed portion which can be dislodged and will leave a wet or sticky spot on your coating

Layered, sand and polish :Avoid generate heat and discoloring the resin, suggest to pour in layers when pouring large mess, multiple pours can be done at a maximum of 3/8 -1/2’’ thickness, wait 4-6 hours between coats. Can be used by epoxy resin sand paper & polish kit

 Temperature: Please ensure that the operating temperature is 70°F-80°F


  • Warm Tips for use in winter


If used in a low temperature environment, please separately soak the resin A and hardener B in warm water before using, and then stir until the epoxy resin becomes thin. (Note: If the resin and hardener are too cold, the curing process may be delayed or even stopped.)

Note: Teexpert epoxy resin is not for tumblers craft

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