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Teexpert Mulch Glue - 64OZ Mulch Glue for Landscaping

Teexpert Mulch Glue - 64OZ Mulch Glue for Landscaping

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Brand Teexpert
Specific Uses For Product Mulch Glue is a powerful solution designed to hold mulch, wood chips, shells, sand, pine straw, pebbles, stone, and gravel in place, providing a reliable and long-lasting bond.
Material Resin
Compatible Material Vinyl, Wood, Rubber, Stone
Item Form Liquid

About this item

  • Superior Mulch and Rock Adhesive: Our Mulch Glue is a powerful solution designed to hold mulch, wood chips, shells, sand, pine straw, pebbles, stone, and gravel in place, providing a reliable and long-lasting bond.
  • Easy Maintenance: Say goodbye to continuous sweeping and clean-up caused by loose mulch, gravel, and stones. Our mulch glue spray reduces erosion, dust, and washout, keeping your landscape materials in place and saving you time and effort.
  • Sturdy and Long-lasting: Mulch Glue dries in 12 - 24 hours depending on weather conditions, No mixing is required Shake and pour into a garden sprayer. and will last 12 months before re-application. providing ongoing stability and beauty to your landscaping.
  • Versatile Application: Works with any landscape material. Whether it's light and soft materials or heavier varieties like gravel and pebbles, our permanent mulch glue provides a mega-hold for all your flower and landscaping beds.
  • Trusted Glue Company: TEEXPERT take pride in delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rely on our mulch glue and count on our dedicated support team for any assistance.
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    1. In Good Weather Conditions:

    Mulch glue continues to gain strength for 48 hours. It is important to allow MULCH GLUE to do so under good weather conditions. The product is water-based, and rain can dilute the liquid and limit the achieved bond strength.

    2. Wash Down:

    Prior to applying Mulch glue, it is important to wash down old stones that may be dirty and contain debris, as well as remove silt deposits from new stones obtained from the quarry. Contaminants can hinder the effective bond between the stones.

    3. Shake Before Use:

    Before using the product, please shake the liquid to ensure its uniformity and prevent blockage of the nozzle.

    4. For a More Robust Finish:

    You can apply 2 or 3 coats of Mulch glue, allowing the first coat to dry for 24 hours or until fully dry before applying a second coat.

    5. Time Limit:

    The effectiveness of Mulch glue typically lasts for one year. After the winter season, it is advisable to reinforce the garden with Mulch glue again.


    Enhance, Protect, and Beautify with Mulch Glue!


    • DURABILITY - Mulch glue securely fastens mulch materials, preventing them from shifting during strong winds, rain, or foot traffic.
    • PREVENTS SCATTERING - It prevents mulch from scattering on slopes, flower beds, or garden beds.
    • WEATHER RESISTANCE - Mulch glue exhibits weather resistance, maintaining a strong bond under different climatic conditions.
    • VERSATILITY WITH MULTIPLE MATERIALS - It is suitable for various types of mulch materials, including wood chips, stones, bark, and fragments.


    Empowering Stunning Gardens Everywhere!


    • LONG-LASTING EFFECT - It provides a durable fixation, reducing the frequency of rearranging the mulch.
    • EASE OF USE - Mulch glue is typically available in liquid or adhesive form, making it easy to spray and apply.
    • INSECT PREVENTION - Mulch glue effectively secures mulch materials, reducing the likelihood of pests infiltrating the mulch layer.
    • PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE - Mulch glue gives mulch materials a neat and orderly appearance, enhancing the professional look of landscaping projects.



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  • Mulch Glue
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