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Teexpert Mulch Glue - 1 Gallon Strong Mulch Glue (90% Upgraded Concentrated)

Teexpert Mulch Glue - 1 Gallon Strong Mulch Glue (90% Upgraded Concentrated)

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About this item

  • 【90% UPGRADED CONCENTRATED】Your garden needs it! Compared to regular non-concentrated mulch glue, Teexpert mulch glue is 90% concentrated, which means the adhesive is thicker and of higher quality. Once diluted with water, it can cover a wider area and provide stronger adhesion to your landscape mulch. An efficient and cost-effective solution for your mulching needs.
  • 【3X PROTECTION FOR GARDEN MULCH】With our enhanced concentrated strong mulch glue, you can securely lock in messy mulch, reduce erosion and dust, and prevent washout. Spend less time on weekly sweeping and clearing loose clutter of mulch, pea gravel, stones, bark, and more. Designed for your garden mulch! Be sure to dilute before pouring/spraying/mixing application.
  • 【WATER-BASED & SAFE FORMULA】This non-toxic mulch glue for landscaping appears light blue when sprayed, but dries clear within 6-24 hours, leaving no color residue on your mulch and securely locking the mulch in place while ensuring safety for kids, pets, and plants. Ideal mulch glue for your garden, making you rest assured. Note: Do not use it in rainy or high-humidity conditions.
  • 【DILUTE USE & DURABLE BONDING】Our mulch glue binder provides maintenance for up to 12-24 months after use. Before pouring or spraying, dilute with water at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio. Use a watering can with holes for pouring (recommended) or an electric spray pump for spraying. Apply 2-3 times to enhance adhesion and strength. Promptly clean the container after use to prevent blockage.
  • 【YOUR GARDEN NEEDS IT】Our mulch spray glue is suitable for all landscaping, including rubber mulch, wood bark, pine straw, small pebbles, and gravel. It can be applied around trees, in planting beds, along boundaries, and on garden pathways and patios, helping to maintain a tidy backyard garden while reducing the weekly maintenance effort for garden caretakers.
  • 【FOR OPTIMAL MIX RESULTS】Dilute with 30%-60% water before mix application. Before mixing mulch glue with stones, ensure the base material is dry, clean, and free from moisture, mud, or dust. Contaminants can impede the bond between the stones. For any inquiries, welcome to reach our dedicated support team for assistance.

Product DescriptionCommonly problems you may encounter:


  • Why isn't the mulch glue working well?


First, apply the mulch glue in warm (above 68℉) and dry (humidity below 70%) weather conditions for a continuous period of 3 days, avoiding its use in rainy or high humidity conditions. Second, ensure that the base material is dry, clean, and devoid of moisture, mud, or dust. Finally, apply 2 or 3 thin coats of mulch glue for the strongest finish, allowing the first coat to dry for 24 hours before applying the next.


  • How can I prevent the mulch glue from clogging my sprayer?


For pouring and spraying, dilute the glue with water at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio and shake well. Apply using a Watering Can with Multiple Holes for pouring and an Electric Pump Sprayer for spraying. Clean the can or sprayer promptly after use to prevent nozzle clogging. You may consider using a disposable watering can to avoid hassle. Non-electric pumps are more prone to clogging during spraying.


  • White/blue residue after drying?


Our mulch glue initially appears light blue when sprayed due to light reflection, but it becomes transparent after drying. Also, applying the glue too thickly at once may cause improper curing, leading to an opaque color and white residue. We recommend applying multiple thin coats instead. More, extended exposure to standing water from rainfall can also lead to the formation of white residue. Applying the glue in warm, dry weather may resolve it.


  • How long will this mulch glue lasts?


Our mulch adhesive typically lasts for about 12 months before requiring reapplication, although this timeframe may vary depending on the climate and other factors. It's recommended to reapply it to your garden after the winter season to provide additional reinforcement.


  • Is Teexpert mulch glue safe for kids and pets?


Yes, our mulch glue binder is non-toxic and completely safe for kids and pets. However, we do recommend keeping children and pets away from the treated area for 24-48 hours until the mulch glue has dried completely.

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